100,000 patients treated at SCUPH

Mar 15, 2018

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital (SCUPH) recently celebrated treating its 100,000th patient since opening its doors in late 2013.

CEO Oliver Steele said the Hospital had delivered above and beyond expectations, broadening the range of private services available to Sunshine Coast residents since opening.

“In the past 18 months, the Hospital has launched the Coast’s first and only cardiac surgery service, introduced robotic surgery for prostate cancer, renal dialysis treatment unit (transferred from Caloundra) and has also opened a second cardiac catheter laboratory and new coronary care unit beds.

“Pleasingly, we have commenced involvement in clinical trials for cancer which provide patients with access to the latest treatments without the need to travel to Brisbane or interstate.

“Patient feedback is overwhelmingly positive.”

He thanked VMOs and staff for their dedication and commitment to the hospital since opening and for assisting the Hospital in earning a reputation for quality care and excellence.

SCUPH has opened discussions to be part of the new Sunshine Coast University Medical School, which is planned to open adjacent to the hospital in 2019.