P.O.W.E.R. Development at John Flynn Private

Aug 30, 2018

John Flynn Private Hospital’s 25th anniversary year has seen the start one of the hospital’s largest ever developments.

Stage 1 of the $60 million development is nearing completion with the final fit-out of the newly built John Flynn Specialist Suites currently underway. The new building, and associated two-level carpark, is set to house 21 new and expanding specialist practices – significantly increasing the number of specialist doctors located on the Hospital campus for the convenience of patients.

Stage 2 of the development (referred to as P.O.W.E.R.) has also begun with the expansion of the John Flynn Cancer Centre building. The internal expansion will house a new Day Oncology Unit – doubling the size of the existing department from 10 to 20 chairs.

John Flynn Private Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Greg Jenke, said that the project is essential for keeping up with the rate of population growth in the area.

“The growing population, assisted by new housing developments on the southern Gold Coast and Northern Rivers areas, means that John Flynn is the primary private hospital of choice for more and more people. It is important that we maintain an exceptional standard of quality and care while growing our services to meet this demand,” Mr Jenke said.

Over the next 18 months, John Flynn’s P.O.W.E.R. development will see several other stages be completed including the expansion of onsite radiology provider, South Coast Radiology’s, offerings to include a Positron-Emission Tomography (PET) scanner. This purchase represents the ‘P’ in the P.O.W.E.R. development and is a big gain for the Hospital which has not previously had these comprehensive diagnostic capabilities.

Two new operating theatres (‘O’) will also be built as well as a new 30-bed ward (‘W’) bringing the number of operating theatres to 12 and inpatient beds to 364.  Another significant infrastructural development as part of the project will be the expansion and revitalisation of the Emergency Department that will double in size from 7 to 14 bays and see a complete renovation (‘E’).

The relocation of the Renal Unit from the main hospital building to the John Flynn Cancer Centre represents the final stage of the development (‘R’). The new unit will be co-located with the new Day Oncology Unit in a large, modern area specifically designed for the needs of patients who may have to visit the Hospital on a regular basis.

Much of the design of this project has taken an innovative approach to creating more space on the current block and rethinking how the current space is used.

“Once the above ground works are complete, three lower level floors will be expanded into the space between the main hospital building and the hill it is built on to effectively create new useable space directly under the main foyer of the Hospital,” Mr Jenke said.

“There will be some re-locating of existing departments such as pre-op and recovery to accommodate the new theatres but it will result in better streamlined patient care.”

All stages of the development project are due for completion by early 2020 and will go a long way in continuing to cement John Flynn Private Hospital as the premier private hospital in the area.