Ramsay IT team saves e-waste from landfill

Mar 02, 2020

More than 98 per cent of Ramsay Australia’s unwanted IT assets - such as mobile phones, laptops, computers and printers – have been remarketed, recycled or processed.

The environmental initiative is part of a new national project to save thousands of items from landfill.

Ramsay’s national IT services team identified 4,800 out-of-date devices during a Windows upgrade project and partnered with an e-recycling vendor to reduce the potential for wastage.

IT project manager, River Nygryn, said: “We looked for a vendor to either remarket it, in terms of wiping the device and reselling it for us, or if it was dead equipment, they would recycle the material.”

So far, e-waste organisation Sims has processed more than 1,377 pieces of equipment, equating to 751 kilograms.

Items included PCs, monitors, printers, scanners, notebooks, tablets mobile phones and networking equipment. Some teams have also started donating disused hospital equipment.

IT Service Delivery Manager, Andrew Chance, said: “Anything within the IT framework that is no longer useable and can be recycled has now started to flow through, as part of our de facto standard to recycle. We’ve also collected old TVs and nurse call screens which no longer work.”

If an item cannot be resold, it is shredded and sorted into various commodity streams, including copper and gold, which are then used create new base materials.

All of Ramsay’s hospitals and day surgery units have been involved in the project.

“We have on-boarded SIMs recycling as a permanent partner so that we can continue to recycle e-waste as part of a new process that we will always use, even after the project is finished,” Ms Nygryn said.

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