Noosa hospital celebrates eye care anniversary

Oct 13, 2020

Noosa Hospital is celebrating an important milestone with more than 1,000 local residents accessing its ophthalmology services in the past year.

Private ophthalmology services recommenced at Noosa Hospital in August 2019, giving residents the latest eye surgeries, right in their own shire.

Chief Executive Officer Justin Greenwell said it was wonderful residents no longer needed to travel for the treatments.

“It’s so important to have this service close to home because when we’re talking about people’s sight, it’s vital that they get any problems sorted quickly,” Mr Greenwell said.

“We are so fortunate to have such skilled surgeons performing these procedures out of Noosa Hospital and we’re pleased to provide them with the latest technology to do their work. It’s all about aiming to provide the very best health care to Noosa residents.”

In the past year, Noosa Hospital’s private ophthalmology services have included cataract surgery, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, eyelid surgeries, laser treatment for glaucoma, and injections for diabetic eye disease and age-related macular degeneration.

Approximately 50 per cent of patients underwent cataract surgery.

Associate Professor Kristopher Rallah-Baker said the Noosa Hospital facilities allowed locals to be treated quickly.

“A diagnosis like macular degeneration needs to be treated quite rapidly to prevent permanent vision loss and we know timely cataract surgery reduces the risk of falls, broken hips and extended hospital stays so it’s important people are seen quickly,” Assoc. Prof. Rallah-Baker said. 

“A lot of people hold off because they’re frightened of surgery but people shouldn’t be afraid. The surgical team is absolutely fantastic, they’re patient-focused and my patients are always thrilled with the level of care they receive.”

Dr Madeleine Adams said Noosa Hospital offered great convenience for locals because many older patients were reluctant to drive long distances for treatment.

“Today is World Sight Day so if people are concerned that something isn’t quite right with their eyes, don’t sit on the problem. See your optometrist or GP and get a referral so that you can claim the consultation with us on Medicare,” Dr Adams said.

“I really enjoy operating at Noosa Hospital - the members of the theatre team have a great depth of talent with extensive experience in eye surgery.”

“Ramsay has invested in good technology as well and that really does make the difference. We have cutting edge technology here and continuing that investment will maintain Noosa’s position as a top ophthalmology provider,” Dr Adams said.

To make an appointment with Noosa Hospital’s leading ophthalmologists, contact:

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Dr Madeleine Adams