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Cleft Palate Program at RSPS

Cleft Palate Centre started at RS Premier Surabaya (RSPS), Surabaya in 2001.  This is a joint program funded by the Ramsay Health Care, RSPS, Smile Train, Citra Baru Foundation and the Australian Cranio Facial Institute in Adelaide.  The program is well supported by the medical community and specialists association in Surabaya City (Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery, Anesthesiology, Dentistry, Speech Therapy, etc).  Over the years, this program has also gained the support of other businesses and corporate organisations interested in assisting this community program.

Over the 10 years to 2010, the Surabaya Cleft Palate Centre has successfully supported more than 2,250 patients.






Pre-operative   Post-surgery

Cranio-facial Program at RSPS

In 2008, RS Premier Surabaya (RSPS) Surabaya commenced a cranio-facial program following on from its successful cleft palate program. The program involves many specialties including neurosurgery, plastic surgery, ENT surgery, paediatric surgery and paediatric medicine, medical rehabilitation and speech therapy. Over 20 patients have been operated on at the hospital since this time with excellent outcomes.  Ramsay Health Care has now committed $50,000 (AUD) per annum to this program which is enough for 30 cases to be undertaken each year at the hospital. 

The Indonesian Corporation, Wings Group, is also committed to ongoing funding and support of this program.