First Leadless Pacemaker has been inserted at Peninsula Private Hospital

Aug 17, 2017

The first leadless pacemakers were inserted at Peninsula Private Hospital in three patients from the Mornington Peninsula area. Until then, less than 100 cases had been performed in Australia.

Dr. Greg Szto, Director of Cardiology, travelled  to Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth to train in the insertion of the device. The Medtronic MICRA leadless pacemaker measures 25.9 x 6.7 mm in length and diameter respectively, and  is inserted via keyhole catheter from the groin vein, under local anaesthetic and sedation.

The Micra battery occupies half the volume of the pacemaker, but still has enough power to keep the pacemaker going for close to 12 years.

All three cases were performed in an uncomplicated manner and all three patients went home the next day.

Leadless pacemakers will become more and more relevant in the future, and is currently indicated in patients who benefit from a single chamber pacemaker insertion. Currently, very skinny patients or those who have high risk of infection are particularly suitable for this device.

To learn more about Dr Szto and his practice at Peninsula Private Hospital, view his profile here.