Food for thought: improving the hospital experience for Ramsay customers

Mar 04, 2020

Ramsay Health Care is focusing on several new initiatives in 2020 to take patients’ hospital experiences to a new level.

Areas of focus will include hotel services (new patient menus, dining options and premium bedding), admission and discharge services (making the processes of coming to and leaving hospital clearer and simpler) and technology (improving the patient journey through the use of new technology).

An emphasis on food will be an important part of making the patient experience better – now and into the future.

Each day, Ramsay’s catering teams across the country serve around 11,000 meals to patients and customers.

In order to create exceptional experiences, it is important to Ramsay hospitals provide delicious and nutritious meals that meet patients’ and customers’ dietary needs and preferences.

Recently, experienced chefs and catering teams across several Ramsay hospitals – regional, metropolitan, small and large - participated in a cook-up where they could share their collective knowledge and experience to develop ideas for catering improvements and innovations.

Following this, patients at seven of NSW hospitals – Lake Macquarie, Warners Bay, Nowra, Southern Highlands, Westmead Private, St George and Dudley Private – were invited to experience a new menu as part of a pilot project.

Patients were asked to provide a rating for their dining experience based on food presentation, quality, variety and availability of healthy choices along with other important feedback. These insights will play an important role in helping to shape an even better Ramsay food and dining experience for customers into the future.

Sustainability will also be a major focus area for catering processes in 2020. Ramsay is determined to make catering more sustainable by taking action to reduce food waste and utilise best-practice waste disposal methods to reduce environmental impact.

Food for thought: improving the hospital experience for Ramsay customers