New Catheter Lab Opens at North Shore Private

New Catheter Lab Opens at North Shore Private

Feb 15, 2018

North Shore Private can now provide the latest in cardiac procedures with its new cardiac catheter lab.

The facility contains a newly built lab with a preoperative and post-operative area. This allows for more streamlined patient care and an overall better patient experience. The Lab has been fitted with Siemens Artis Zee equipment providing great technology enhancing the procedural experience for both interventional cardiologists and their patients.

The opening of this new facility has seen the move of all our Structural Heart, including Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) cases from our main operating theatre into the Cardiac Catheter Lab.

“Structural heart cases involve the expertise of multiple clinicians. The new Cardiac Catheter Lab has been designed to maximse the efficient flow for the delivery of high class patient care by all clinicians involved in the procedure,” Says Richard Ryan, CEO of North Shore Private. “Patient feedback has been very positive with this new experience.”

Our Structural Heart patients now move between our newly built coronary care unit and the catheter lab which has improved the patient pathway and allowed patients to access highly sophisticated treatment from leading specialists and nurses.

The North Shore campus has recently performed a milestone of over 200 TAVI procedures. The new Lab will allow us to enhance our ability to increase the number of cardiology cases and also to provide leading care in the Structural Heart specialty.

This wealth of experience, together with positive patient outcomes, has reinforced the campus’s status as a tertiary training facility, particularly for cardiology and interventional cardiology. Specialists from the North Shore campus provide teaching not only to medical students, but also their colleagues around the world.

The lab has been fitted with the MedInBox (the first in NSW) which is a highly sophisticated educational tool, using real time videography of procedures that can be accessed remotely – such as other teaching facilities around the world.