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Ramsay Health Care pledges to keep 100 million plastic items out of landfill

March 26, 2024

Ramsay Health Care has set its sights on removing 100 million single-use plastic items from landfill, after successfully surpassing its previous goal of 75 million.

Ramsay Health Care Australia CEO, Carmel Monaghan, said the move to sustainable alternatives for many single-use plastic items was part of Ramsay’s ongoing commitment to a healthier planet. 

“We recognise that small changes can go a long way to creating a healthier planet for generations to come. Ramsay is committed to substantially reducing single-use plastics in our hospitals, Ms Monaghan said.

“We launched this initiative in 2020, and last February surpassed the 50 million mark. I’m pleased to confirm we have now surpassed our latest target of 75 million, and we’re not stopping here

“We’re now working to remove 100 million plastic items from landfill by March 2025.” 

Ramsay has so far swapped out 12 million medicine cups, over 8.6 million drinking cups and 6.3 million pieces of cutlery for sustainable alternatives. Separately, since 2021 the company has also been replacing 6 million plastic water bottles each year with water jugs. 

These initiatives are part of the organisation’s sustainability strategy, ‘Ramsay Cares,’ an approach which emphasizes the company’s continual dedication to supporting the planet, its people and communities. 

Reducing carbon emissions is another big part of our Ramsay Cares strategy and since launching our solar campaign in 2021, our sites have generated over 6 million kilowatt hours of energy,” Ms Monaghan said.

Ramsay Health Care acknowledges its role in setting industry benchmarks for sustainable healthcare practices. 

“In fostering a culture of environmental consciousness, we hope Ramsay will inspire positive change across the healthcare landscape,” Ms Monaghan remarked. 

“We want to prove that conscious choices can make a significant difference in reducing our impact on the planet.” 

In 2022, Ramsay Health Care broadcast its worldwide pledge to attain Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

To achieve this, the company devised comprehensive Net Zero strategies showcasing a range of transitions. These included the switch to renewable energy sources, the optimisation of energy efficiency, reducing anaesthetic gas emissions, waste reduction measures, improving recycling efforts, incorporating sustainable design principles in all new facilities and future upgrades, as well as engaging with suppliers to limit emissions in the companies supply chain.

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