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Going green is 'the new black' for Nowra Private Hospital

June 11, 2021

A dedicated ‘green team’ is helping Nowra Private Hospital to slash its emissions and dramatically improve its sustainability measures in a bid to reduce its environmental footprint.

Acknowledging World Environment Day (5 June 2021), and as part of its commitment to creating a cleaner, greener planet, Nowra Private Hospital’s ‘green team’ has come up with a range of sustainability measures. From a new 100 kilowatt solar panel project, to PVC and aluminium recycling, and the elimination of single-use plastic water bottles. 

Chief Executive Officer Prue Buist said the new solar panels would now generate 11% of the hospital’s electricity output. 

“We are really excited to have this new solar system online because over its lifespan, it will save 1,988 tonnes of carbon emissions.  That’s the equivalent of taking 33 cars off the road!” Ms Buist said. 

“As a Ramsay hospital, we acknowledge that climate change is a critical issue so we are focused on minimising our greenhouse gas emissions, cutting energy and water use, slashing our use of unnecessary plastics and increasing our recycling and sustainability initiatives. 

“From anaesthetists, surgeons and nurses who are helping to recycle medical waste in our theatres, to our cafes using recyclable cups and coffee bags, the whole team is really pitching in and I’m very proud of the targets we’re achieving,” she said. 

Nowra Private started removing plastic water bottles in March 2021, which has already resulted in at least 11,500 bottles being removed from landfill, in just eight weeks. 

Ink and toner cartridges are now also being recycled, along with batteries that are used in theatres. 

“Our green team has set up these amazing initiatives which will all significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. They’re also looking at ways our recycling could help other community organisations and we hope to be able to donate any out-of-date bandages, fluids or medical equipment to local animal shelters,” Ms Buist said. 



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