New app helps keep staff safe during COVID-19

Apr 16, 2020

Ramsay Health Care has introduced a new app that allows employees to clock on for their shift and view their roster from the convenience of their own mobile phone.

The introduction of the MyTime app has been brought forward given the current climate surrounding COVID-19, as it eliminates the need for thousands of staff to be physically touching a shared screen to log on for their shifts.

National Human Resources Manager Adurty Rao said she was thrilled this important health and safety initiative was now ready for use.

“Every day we have thousands of team members logging on for their shifts at Ramsay hospitals around the country and the MyTime app means they will no longer be at risk of sharing or spreading germs from a physical MyTime Clock device,” Ms Rao said.

“Ramsay Health Care staff are on the frontline battling this pandemic and the MyTime app is another way we can keep our people as safe and healthy as possible in their work environment.”

Financial Systems Manager, Annie Apikian, said: “The MyTime app kicks into action when an employee activates the app within the boundaries of their hospital. The employee can then touch on or off for their shift without having to come into direct contact with a MyTime clock.”

“The MyTime app also provides a history of your ‘touches’ and staff can view their upcoming shifts in the MyShifts screen at the bottom of the homepage,” Ms Apikian said.

The MyTime app is free to download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store and can be found by searching the phrase “MyTime - Ramsay Health Care”.

Ms Apikian said Ramsay is providing access to the MyTime App for all hospital employees.

“We ask all employees to ensure that their details in the payroll system are up to date. This includes full name, personal email address, a current individual Ramsay email address (where relevant) and personal contact phone number. All users who fall outside the mass exercise, can request access via a link on the App.”

Ms Rao said while she hoped the majority of staff would take up this new initiative, team members who prefer the MyTime Clock can continue to do so, with confidence.

“The MyTime Clocks will still be available and will be regularly cleaned and disinfected in accordance with Ramsay issued protocols,” Ms Rao said.