Pindara Private Hospital donates bronchoscope to help sick wildlife

Mar 09, 2020

Pindara Private Hospital has donated a disused bronchoscope to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital to help staff care for sick and injured animals.

Nurse unit manager, Tracy Kerker, noticed the wildlife hospital’s donation wish list included a STORZ bronchoscope and knew the hospital could help provide a solution.

“I knew we had a similar bronchoscope in the storeroom which wasn’t being used and thought they could use it,” Mrs Kerker said.

To ensure the disused scope was in working order, a representative from Pentax Medical, Simon Kitto, donated his time to service the scope and help install it upon delivery at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

In human patients, a bronchoscope is used to check airways and the stomach; it will be used to do the same when treating animals at the wildlife hospital.

“Quite a lot of Currumbin Wildlife Hospital’s equipment is really dated, so they were really grateful for the scope and said the vets would be very excited,” Mrs Kerker said.

Around 50 animals are seen at the hospital each day and many are sent to carers for rehabilitation after treatment to make room for more patients.

The site relies heavily on donations to treat injured wildlife; it accepts items including old x-ray machines, monitors, anaesthetic machines and expired and disused consumables.

“There are plenty of opportunities to help them out. We have also been collecting disused sterile items that we can’t use to give to the wildlife hospital,” Mrs Kerker said.

Pindara Private Hospital donates bronchoscope to help sick wildlife