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Pindara Private Hospital turns 50!

November 01, 2021

Pindara Private Hospital is celebrating its 50th anniversary - having grown from humble but proud beginnings to now caring for more than 50,000 patients on the Gold Coast each year.

Opened on 30th October 1971 as a 64-bed hospital with three operating theatres, Pindara has experienced extraordinary growth to become a leader in private health care delivery on the Coast.  

Chief Executive Officer Mark Page estimates Pindara may have treated around one million patients during its five decade history.  It now boasts 14 operating theatres, a Cardiac Catheterisation Lab, Intensive Care Unit, Critical Care Unit and 384 patient beds.  

“Pindara has experienced incredible growth and it’s only going to continue.  We have a $45 million project on right now which will provide us with two new private wards and two more state-of-the-art operating theatres ,” Mr Page said. 

“Pindara also plays a very active role in teaching and research with many local medical, nursing and allied health students with us every day. In recent years we’ve developed a Clinical Trials Unit which is involved in groundbreaking research. We currently have more than 25 clinical trials running across the fields of oncology, haematology, respiratory and paediatrics,” he said.  

Director of Clinical and Hospitality Services Jan Lloyd has been with Pindara for 34 years - having started there as a midwife in 1987.  She said it’s the team’s devotion to patients that makes the hospital so special. 

“We have so many talented professionals from our doctors and nurses to housekeeping and catering, who genuinely believe in delivering the best outcomes for our patients. So many patients choose to keep coming back whether it’s maternity or oncology or even palliative care, it’s the care and the familiarity that is so strong in someone’s healing,” she said. 

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Andrew Cary is another long-serving member who followed in his father’s footsteps* to join the Pindara team in 1993. He has delivered more than 5,000 babies since then.  

“It’s essentially been the setting for my career. Back in the beginning there were two birth suites, now there are five and while we have everything we need medically, the maternity unit doesn’t feel too medicalised. It’s fantastic in terms of all its facilities - from the patient’s point of view, they’re beautiful, comfortable rooms and there’s a very individualised approach to every patient,” Dr Cary said.  

Mark Page said Pindara Private Hospital each year helped around: 

  • 1,000 ‘Pindy babies’ to be born  
  • 20,000 people cared for in the Emergency Department 
  • 28,000 procedures performed.   

“I want to thank our entire team who put our patients first every single day and to our patients, thank you for trusting in us to care for you. I’m especially proud of all of our doctors and staff who over the past 18 months or so have never wavered in providing great care and service despite the myriad of challenges COVID-19 has thrown at us,” Mr Page said. 

* Andrew’s father Dr Ian Cary was also an O&G at Pindara from 1979 to 1999 

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