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Ramsay Health Care launches sustainability targets

November 01, 2021

Ramsay Health Care has announced 20 ambitious targets to drive its global sustainability program known as Ramsay Cares.

In launching the global targets, Ramsay Health Care Managing Director and CEO Craig McNally said the new goals would underpin the company’s long-term commitment to the wellbeing of its people, communities and the planet. 

“There is no escaping that, in environmental terms, the health sector has a large carbon footprint because of its energy use and medical waste. But that also makes us a key part of the solution,” Mr McNally said. 

“Ramsay already has numerous sustainability projects underway, including a solar rollout, cutting single-use plastic and training our people in mental health support. This strategy will ensure we keep our eyes on the horizon.”

The targets ensure the business is focused on:

  1. Achieving 100% accreditation
  2. Better than national quality benchmarks
  3. Maintaining patient experience outcomes
  4. Achieving gender balance with Board composition of 40:40:20 by 2025 and maintain senior management gender composition of 40:40:20
  5. Making strong progress towards top quartile employee engagement
  6. Increasing the development of our people through the Global Leadership Academy
  7. Maintaining focus on patient safety training (e.g. Speak up for Patient Safety)
  8. Maintaining workplace safety performance 
  9. Establishing Group Mental Health, Wellness and Resilience Framework
  10. Training 3% of the workforce in mental health first aid by 2026*
  11. Maintain recycling rates and identify single-use plastic and waste reduction opportunities
  12. Identifying new water saving opportunities 
  13. Achieving a 10% reduction in energy intensity by 2026*
  14. Achieving a 12% reduction in greenhouse gas emission intensity by 2026*
  15. Installing 6.3MW renewable energy projects by 2026*
  16. Undertaking a comprehensive review of climate risk across our regions
  17. Continuing to facilitate leading medical research and clinical trials in our facilities to advance patient and community outcomes
  18. Partnering with a focus on preventative health care and mental health
  19. Supporting local communities and promoting awareness of the importance of health and wellbeing
  20. Achieving sustainability assessments covering 80% of external supplier spend by 2026*

Ramsay Australia CEO, Carmel Monaghan, said the Ramsay Cares sustainability strategy sets out a clear roadmap for how the business will grow responsibly into the future. 

“As an Australian company, we recognise that we carry an enormous social responsibility to deliver accessible health care, jobs and economic growth to the communities in which we operate.”

“At the centre of our success is the knowledge that our staff and our doctors are our greatest asset, which is why we invest so much time in the professional development and education of our people.”

“We’re also proud to be making significant inroads in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, identifying ways to remove single-use plastics across our network, and installing solar energy in our hospitals.”

Mr McNally said the Ramsay Cares targets were purposefully broad.

“We’ve taken a broad approach because the health and wellbeing of our people, patients and communities is intrinsically linked to sustainability.

“Committing to social and environmental sustainability, and holding ourselves accountable, makes sense for our business and the world we live in.”

The Ramsay Cares strategy focuses on three pillars: caring for our people, caring for our planet and caring for our communities.

It has been released alongside Ramsay’s 2021 Global Impact Report, which demonstrates the company’s sustainability commitment in action across its facilities in Australia, the UK, Europe and Asia.

Find out more here: ramsayhealth.com/RamsayCares.


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