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Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation launches new grants program

September 14, 2021

The Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation (RHRF) has launched an exciting new grants program, thanks to $25 million in funding from the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

The RHRF aims to fund high quality, innovative research projects that enable the improvement of patient outcomes and address key determinants of health that lead to potential intergenerational change.  

The new RHRF grant program will award funding every year for the next five years and will focus on four clinical areas: cancer, mental health, cardiovascular disease, and orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal injury.   

Paul Ramsay Foundation’s CEO, Professor Glyn Davis AC, said each project must address a specific determinant of health, such as health literacy, social and lifestyle risk factors, knowledge transfer between generations or the effects of climate change on health.  

"Addressing key determinants of health not only lowers the burden of disease for individuals and our health infrastructure, but helps people living with disadvantage to build lives they value,” Professor Davis said.  

“By placing patients, carers and families at its heart, this project will build critical knowledge to disrupt intergenerational drivers of health inequity.”  

RHRF projects aim to lead to improvements not only in the Ramsay Health Care setting, but across the broader health care community.   The new grants will be open to universities and medical research institutes to undertake research within and outside of Ramsay Health Care.   

Chair of the RHRF, Professor Sir Edward Byrne AC, said he was delighted to be taking up the role at such an exciting time. 

“Research and health care are vitally important and the new grant program will enable Ramsay to build on its research initiatives to benefit a range of patients,” Professor Byrne said. 

Applications will open on Monday 13th September and researchers wishing to submit an Expression of Interest will now be able to do so via RHRF’s new online portal known as ‘REGGS’ - the Research Ethics, Governance and Grants System.  

REGGS is a cloud-based portal for the management of research ethics, governance and grants submissions and will provide a streamlined workflow by replacing the current paper forms and ‘submission via email’ system. Applicants will be able to lodge all submissions and project updates online, and will have the ability to track and monitor their applications in real time. 

For more information head to www.ramsayhealth.com.au/Ramsay-Research.  

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