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Ramsay Pharmacy vaccinates ‘a small city’ as it marks one year of COVID immunisations

July 28, 2022

Ramsay Pharmacy is celebrating one year since it administered its first COVID-19 vaccine dose as part of the national COVID-19 vaccination program.

In the past 12 months Ramsay Pharmacy has delivered 60,000 doses of the vaccine – the equivalent of immunising a small city.

Ramsay Pharmacy Chief Operating Officer, Michelle Lynch, said the Malouf Pharmacy Southside in Gympie was the first Ramsay/Malouf pharmacy to administer this important vaccine.

The Malouf Pharmacy team at Southside is proud to assist in protecting the community of Gympie from COVID-19,” Ms Lynch said. 

“In fact, the team at Southside has administered 10 per cent of all COVID-19 vaccines administered within Ramsay and Malouf Pharmacy franchise community pharmacies over the last 12 months

The uptake of this service from the community in Gympie demonstrates the ease of access and need for high-quality and convenient vaccination services, particularly within our regional communities.

“Across the network our pharmacies have delivered 60,000 doses of the vaccine - similar to vaccinating a small city, that’s no small feat.

Across the Ramsay Pharmacy and Malouf Pharmacies group, more than 270 new pharmacist vaccinators were trained to administer vaccines, to ensure the community pharmacy network could deliver this critical service.  

A fleet of new Professional Care Pharmacists, also accredited to vaccinate, started from late 2021, offering complex clinical guidance and leadership to the pharmacy teams.

Ms Lynch said the upskilling of staff to deliver the COVID-19 vaccinations will benefit the local community in other ways as well. 

Ramsay Pharmacy’s participation in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout has increased our capacity to administer other vaccines such as whooping cough and influenza,” she said. 

During the 2022 influenza season, Ramsay Pharmacy administered an all-time record number of vaccinations with an increase of 50 per cent of influenza vaccines compared to the 2020 season. The flu vaccine reduces the chance of influenza infection by 40 to 60 per cent in every person that received a vaccine.

“We’re proud to be helping protect the wellbeing of Sunshine Coast locals.”

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