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Ramsay announces new investment in Australia’s nursing workforce

May 13, 2022

Ramsay Health Care has celebrated International Nurses Day by announcing it will expand its Ramsay Nursing and Midwifery Academy, adding two brand new programs to support the professional development of hundreds more nurses and midwives in Australia.

Ramsay’s Chief Nurse and Clinical Services Director, Dr Bernadette Eather, said Ramsay is launching two new programs as part of the Ramsay Nursing and Midwifery Academy:

  • A Nurse and Midwifery Unit Manager (NUM) Leadership Pathway Program
  • An Undergraduate Cadetship Program

“The NUM Leadership Pathway Program will provide professional development, mentorship and leadership training opportunities to our entire Australian cohort of nurse and midwifery unit managers – which totals more than 500 people. These frontline leaders play a critical role in patient care while also serving as people and business managers.  

“We have also created the Undergraduate Cadetship Program, which is designed to support enrolled and registered nursing cadets during their undergraduate studies, offering them relevant employment opportunities and a guaranteed graduate interview on completion of their studies”.

“Ramsay Health Care nurses are committed to providing excellent health care for their patients, and we’re committed to helping them grow their skills and excel in their nursing careers.”

The Ramsay Nursing and Midwifery Academy originally launched in 2021 with four foundation programs:

  • Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow Program - To support nurse unit managers (NUMs) with a formal upskilling course to develop them as leaders and reach their goals of obtaining senior nursing positions. 20 nurse managers were part of the first round of this program, with three participants to date receiving significant promotions as a result.
  • Graduate and Intern Fellowship Program - A two-year program to train, coach and support new nursing graduates to help them build a career with Ramsay and provide opportunities to specialise in their chosen area of nursing. Across the country, about 550 new graduate nurses started at Ramsay Health Care hospitals in the first graduate intake of 2022, representing a 25 per cent increase on the previous year’s intake. It is expected an additional 200 will join Ramsay sites during the second intake in August.
  • DCS Mentorship Program – To orientate, induct and mentor our newer Directors of Clinical Services (DCSs) who are central to the success of our organisation. Currently 30 future senior leaders are being mentored with more than 50 formal mentorships to be available in the near future.
  • Back to the Bedside Program – Aimed at removing red tape to allow nurses to spend more time at the bedside with patients. Ramsay will soon roll out new audit software to significantly reduce the workload of bedside audits, giving nurses time back in their shifts to attend to patient needs.

The Ramsay Nursing and Midwifery Academy is proving popular with nurses looking to begin their careers.

Ramsay Health Care Australia CEO, Carmel Monaghan, said shortages in clinical workforces was one of the biggest challenges facing hospitals in Australia and around the world.

“We’re lucky to have some of the best nurses in the country and we are committed to prioritising initiatives to grow and strengthen our workforce. We want to help our people develop and build their nursing and midwifery careers with Ramsay.”

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