Ramsay staff recognised in national HESTA awards

Feb 04, 2020

More than a dozen Ramsay Health Care staff from around Australia have been recognised during the 2019 HESTA Graduate Welcoming and Awards functions, which aim to acknowledge great achievements of both individuals and teams.

Winners were announced at events in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia across four categories:

  • Award of Excellence for Most Outstanding Graduate
  • Preceptor of the Year
  • Innovation in Education
  • Excellence in Leadership

Each award recipient was nominated by a colleague who noticed their commitment to work and the Ramsay values.

Congratulations to the following award winners from Queensland:

Award of Excellence for Most Outstanding Graduate Rebecca Lloyd from Greenslopes Private Hospital. Rebecca is a caring and professional practitioner with a passion for her team and safe and quality nursing of mothers and babies.
Preceptor of the Year Chris Mitton from Pindara Private Hospital. Chris is an approachable teacher who’s always there to support new members of the team. He genuinely cares about the nursing profession and teaching the new generation of nurses to implement best practice.
Innovation in Education Clare Foster and Jan Oksiuta from Greenslopes Private Hospital. They developed a temporary cardiac pacing simulator for staff education. This has allowed education for an area where there was a significant gap and was previously very difficult for staff to gain expertise.
Excellence in Leadership Elizabeth Fearon from St Andrew’s Ipswich Private Hospital. Liz is the Nurse Unit Manager for the surgical service; a 32-bed ward at St Andrew’s Ipswich Private Hospital, which recently grew in bed numbers and employees during the recent redevelopment. Liz is willing to challenge the norm or “how things have always been done” and is supportive of change across the organisation.

Hesta awards QLD

Photo attached L to R: Jan Oksiuta, Elizabeth Fearon, Rebecca Lloyd, Mark Page – on behalf of Chris Mitton who was unable to attend.

Congratulations to the following award winners from Victoria:

Award of Excellence for Most Outstanding Graduate Haley Cielesh from The Avenue Hospital. Haley demonstrates outstanding work within the small plastics team and is always willing to help patients and fellow staff members when she can.
Preceptor of the Year Ruth Briggs from Beleura Private Hospital. During her 10 years as a student facilitator, Ruth expanded her knowledge from medical oncology to include plastics, urology, orthopaedics and vascular to ensure her students received the highest level of support and guidance.
Innovation in Education Education Team from The Avenue Hospital/ Glenferrie Private Hospital/ Masada Private Hospital. The team developed an educational transition program to help tap into the number of registered and enrolled nurses who were unable to secure a graduate placement. The program incorporates both clinical time and theory study days and is designed to ensure nurses are ready for recruitment, which will reduce agency costs.
Excellence in Leadership Bridie Seymour from Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital. Bridie leads a team of more than 30 staff within the day rehabilitation department at Donvale and led the successful merging of the day rehab allied health team into one office and therapy space. Bridie demonstrates an authentic leadership style, ensuring all are respected.

Hesta awards VIC

Photo attached L to R: Sue Blair, Jeninne Smith, Ruth Briggs, Haley Cielesh, Lorelle Stevenson, Bridie Seymour, Samantha Dodd, Greg Hall

Congratulations to the following award winners from Western Australia:

Award of Excellence for Most Outstanding Graduate Arielle Popis from Joondalup Health Campus. Arielle is professional in her bedside manner and is an honest, respectable and reliable member of the team. She’s not afraid to speak up and is a strong advocate for patients and their relatives.
Preceptor of the Year Jennie Young from Hollywood Private Hospital. Jennie is a relatively novice registered nurse, but she’s always willing to supervise students on her ward with compassion and enthusiasm. She’s known for going out of her way to help students develop their surgical skills and knowledge.
Innovation in Education Education Team from Hollywood Private Hospital. They developed the automated Basic Life Support (BLS) assessment to allow clinicians to access recertification at a time convenient for them to improve ‘current in BLS’ KPIs. The change includes having a CPR manikin on each ward, which works with an app to allow individuals to monitor their own performance, save their result and send a record of their assessment.
Excellence in Leadership Wendy Allen from Peel Health Campus. Wendy is an experienced clinician with a passion for quality and patient-centred care. Using her background in nursing and midwifery, Wendy is able to use her clinical expertise in supporting teams to develop education programs that ensure teams provide safe, evidence based, quality care.

Hesta awards WA

Photo attached L to R: Wendy Allen, Jennie Young, Arielle Popis, Anne Green, Hong Vo

Congratulations to the following award winners from New South Wales:

Award of Excellence for Most Outstanding Graduate Jessica Southwell from Port Macquarie Private Hospital. Jess is driven to provide the highest level of care for all her patients and she provides colleagues with relief, knowing she is on duty.
Preceptor of the Year Sivam Nadarajah from The Northside Group St Leonards. Sivam spends valuable time with the graduates and students he mentors, to ensure they understand the role and expectations. He constantly goes above and beyond, often devoting his own time or changing his leave days to support staff.
Excellence in Leadership Katrina Cunningham from the Legal Services Department in Corporate Head Office, Sydney. Katrina is unwavering in her support of everyone in the team and looks for opportunities to encourage personal growth and development, making time for everyone. Katrina has never ending patience and approaches all tasks with the same energy, whether of high or low risk or value, regardless of whether she has undertaken the same task multiple times before.

Hesta awards NSW

Photo attached L to R: Malcolm Passmore, Katrina Cunningham, Jessica Southwell, Sivam Nadarajah, Danny Sims and Mark Ashby