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Research and recycling go hand-in-hand at Hollywood Private Hospital

March 16, 2021

When it comes to combining recycling and supporting medical research, Hollywood Private Hospital staff are taking charge. In the past 12 months, employees have raised a whopping $11,000 for the Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation by purchasing used batteries, phone chargers, compost and other non-medical excess items.

Research Administration Officer, Carolyn Konzewitsch, said the aim of the research foundation is to improve and advance the medical care, health and wellbeing of the community. The foundation raises funds to award grants in support of medical research. 

“Research supported by the foundation includes cancer, orthopaedics, palliative care, lung disease and rehabilitation care,” Ms Konzewitsch said. 

“Hollywood’s supply and catering departments are big supporters of our cause, identifying items within the hospital that can be recycled and sold, such as second-hand dishwashers.   

Supply and Purchasing Manager Robin Archer said recycling did require strategic organisation, but on a large-scale campus, the benefits were huge.  

“Items such as batteries have to be in peak efficiency for use in medical equipment and are replaced regularly,” Mr Archer said. 

“We test the used batteries and those with less than 80 per cent charge are sent to an industrial recycling company for disposal. 

“Batteries with more than 80 per cent charge are sold to staff at 10 cents each for household use, with all all proceeds going to the Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation.” 

Catering Manager, Peter Trusler, said staff were encouraged to use plates, knives and forks in the cafeteria. 

“However, if staff choose to use takeaway compostable containers they pay extra – with the proceeds going to the foundation,” Mr Trusler said. 

“We send the used containers and catering department organic waste to a commercial composting facility. 

“Staff are then able to purchase $10 bags of treated compost for their gardens, with all money raised then donated to the research foundation.” 

In 2020, the foundation provided $38,000 in grants for research into chemotherapy, asthma and hip and knee replacements. 

“Donations large or small can make a real difference to hospital patients and the general community through advancements in medical care,” Ms Konzewitsch said. 

To donate visit https://www.justgiving.com/hollywoodprivatehospital 

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