Ramsay staff win national scholarships to expand their careers

Feb 05, 2020

Fifteen people have received scholarships through the first round of the 2020 Ramsay Health Care National Scholarship Program.

The successful Ramsay staff members work in hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, or corporate teams across Australia.

Learning and Workforce Programs Manager, Karina Kiely, said: “At Ramsay, we strive to ensure our internal policies and processes provide employees at all levels with opportunities for career expansion, training and development.”

“The National Scholarship Program is just one of the important ways we provide financial assistance to employees who wish to expand their knowledge and skills by engaging in professional development opportunities,” she said.

All applications were worthy of recognition and Ramsay is both thankful and proud of the commitment and eagerness displayed by applicants to ultimately benefit our patients and the departments they work in.

“Congratulations to those who were successful in gaining a scholarship, we wish you the very best in your development studies and look forward to hearing how you progress,” Ms Kiely said.

Applications will open once again in April 2020 for the second round of Ramsay’s 2020 scholarships.

Staff can find out more information through the intranet.