• CancerCare

CancerCare Navigators

Cancer Care Navigators are specialist nurses who have extensive experience in cancer care and can guide patients and carers through this sometimes complex and challenging path. They provide information, education and emotional support for patients and carers during and after treatment, from diagnosis onwards. 

Your CancerCare Navigator will;

  • Work alongside the multidisciplinary team caring for you including your treating specialist, nursing staff and allied health support.
  • Assist you to understand your treatment plan including surgical procedures, chemotherapy or immunotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatments dependent on your cancer diagnosis.
  • Support referral and links to other services e.g. exercise, nutritional support, psychology services, social worker.
  • Provide a link and access to community services
  • Help you understand side effects and symptoms of systemic cancer treatments.
  • Guide you through the maze of terminology, manage unwanted side effects, offer emotional support if needed and always be available to answer questions or concerns for patients and carers

To understand more about our CancerCare Navigators or find out which locations the CancerCare Navigators program is available at, please enquire here.