Cardiac Care Services

Ramsay Cardiac Care services offer patients nationwide the gold standard in care, supporting you through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. From emergency cardiac assistance to ongoing management for chronic cardiac conditions, our leading multidisciplinary team are here to ensure you receive the best treatment and support possible.

National Network

With a connected cardiac care network of 16 private hospitals around Australia both in metro and regional locations our patients can access the care they need from wherever they are.

Our hospitals feature state-of-the-art diagnostic services and theatres to enable our specialists and multidisciplinary teams to provide comprehensive cardiac care to cater to all conditions.

Cardiac facilities across the network encompass emergency centres, coronary care units, cardiac catheter laboratories, hybrid theatres, Intensive Care Units, rehabilitation programs, outpatient clinics and much more.



Emergency Cardiac Care

Emergency cardiac situations receive rapid access assistance through our nine emergency centres across Australia where a team of experts are on hand to diagnose, treat and manage these conditions as fast as possible.

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Chronic Heart Conditions

Our multidisciplinary team of experts will help manage symptoms, medications and optimal wellness, assisting patients in regaining their independence and quality of life.


Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our comprehensive rehabilitation program is individually tailored and designed to aid recovery, helping people return to their previous lifestyle and activities through exercise, nutritional support, and education.


Additional Support Services


Ramsay Pharmacy

Your local Ramsay pharmacist can check your blood pressure and other health indicators regularly to help you keep your health goals on track. With a number of 24-hour locations, our team are always available to answer any questions you may have about your heart health and potential risk factors.

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Ramsay Health Plus

Ramsay Health Plus

Our outpatient community clinics provide a range of expert allied health services. Incorporating a range of health services including physiotherapy, exercise physiology and dietetics, our community outpatient clinic may help you prevent a cardiac issue before it arises. The experienced practitioners can also assist in getting you back to the life you love after an event or diagnosis with rehabilitation guidance, exercise plans, nutritional support and more.

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Ramsay Connect

Ramsay Connect

Ramsay Connect is a national provider of home and community-based healthcare and support following a hospital stay. Ramsay Connect has recently launched a Virtual Home Health Service in Western Australia that is changing the way people living with heart failure access the care they need. The service uses remote monitoring technology to support people to manage the condition in their own homes. Ramsay Connect plans to expand the services to other states and locations in the future.

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Healthy Heart Resources


Healthy Heart Series

Learn from our inspiring specialists as they cover the basics. Including symptoms of a heart attack, why blood pressure is so important, what happens when your heart is beating too slow or too fast and much more. Click here to watch our video series.


Caring for your Mental Health

Have you heard of the ‘cardiac blues’? It’s actually really common following a cardiac event. In fact, over half of patients suffer anxiety or depression after a heart attack or cardiac surgery. So if this is you, you are not alone and thankfully, there is help available.

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Healthy Heart Recipes

Decrease your risk of a cardiac event by maintaining a healthy diet. We recommend adopting the Mediterranean diet. This lifestyle focuses on introducing lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains and healthy fats into your diet.

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Click here for healthy Mediterranean recipe ideas


Get your heart pumping

Exercise is extremely important not only to help reduce the risk of a cardiac event but also to recover from one. However, before commencing an exercise routine, we recommend you seek help from a professional who can assist you in reaching your exercise goals safely.

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How to find out more

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