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My Recovery Workbook

A Holistic Multidisciplinary Approach to Mental Health Treatment Recovery Care Planning

The My Recovery Inpatient Therapy Program is a new personalised program which is offered at all of our mental health facilities in Australia

Recovery is identified as a key goal for ever patient, across all stages of their illness. Individualised treatment planning is based on the core team, which includes the patient, the psychiatrist and all other clinical team members involved in the provision of care for the patient, including family/carer where nominated.

The My Recovery program is person-centred and recovery-oriented. The program is strengths-based with an emphasis on recovery planning, resilience building and connectedness.

 As part of the program we also have the MyStayWell app which is a discharge planning tool to support Ramsay mental health patients after discharge from the clinic to gain direct access to their personalised stay well strategies.