Cynthia Lee, NSW


Nov 01, 2022


The unpredictability of trauma and critical care management was what attracted graduate registered nurse Cynthia Lee to a career in healthcare.

It was somewhat of a shock to her when she landed a graduate position as an Anaesthetic Nurse in the operating theatres at Westmead Private Hospital.

“Theatre was not an environment I ever expected myself to be in as I had a passion for trauma care. However, my role in anaesthetics provides me with a very valuable foundation in trauma and critical care management.

“It is definitely not a textbook job as every patient is different, so it is important to have good interpreting, analysing and problem-solving skills.”

Cynthia says she has learnt to “go with the flow” thriving on always evolving challenges that require her to think, respond and display her leadership skills.

“From airway difficulties to surgical complications, things can sometimes jump from 0 to 100,” she said.

“I love that we have such a warm working environment and that everyone is supportive and can talk together about almost anything.”

Though Cynthia admits there is one limitation to being a theatre nurse.

“You don’t get much of an opportunity to practice your bedside nursing skills as most of our surgical patients are asleep!”

Cynthia was in the February 2022 intake of the Ramsay Health Care Graduate and Intern Fellowship Program. For more information about this program, click here.