Hilary Dias, NSW


Jun 27, 2023


Having accumulated five decades of experience in the hospitality industry, Hilary Dias takes immense pride in his contribution to the exceptional service offered by North Shore Private Hospital, serving as the manager for catering and housekeeping.

“The most fulfilling aspect of my work is when patients express their gratitude for how our food has significantly contributed to their recovery process,” said Hilary.

After receiving his culinary training in Sri Lanka, Hilary worked for 10 years at luxury hotels in the Middle East before migrating to Australia in 1991.

Hilary first joined Ramsay in 1998 as a catering manager to commission and operate the catering services at the newly built North Shore Private Hospital.

“My responsibility is to provide the best possible hospitality experience to all our patients, visitors and staff by providing exceptional customer service complimented with high quality freshly prepared meals.”

“I lead and oversee both services, making sure patients and employees get a wide range of nutritious dishes, keeping up with OH&S guidelines and dietary requirements.”

“I’m proud to say that our collective efforts have been recognised with an A-grade certificate for food safety audit for 11 consecutive years from the NSW Food Authority.”

Hilary and his team also make a significant contribution to Ramsay’s sustainability efforts.

“I’ve contributed to the elimination of over 325,000 plastic water bottles per year, implemented a sustainability program that eliminated over 1 million plastic items from ending up in landfills, and we recycle of all food waste and used cooking oil with an organic recycling group.”

Hilary attributes his long history with Ramsay in part to the support and development opportunities he has been provided.

“I always heard about the culture at Ramsay Health Care that provides support, career paths and opportunities across its facilities for growth for so many staff to excel.”

“I was invited to be part of the commissioning process for Westmead Private Hospital in 2000. I was involved in the selection process and mentoring of the Hospitality Managers for Hunters Hill Private and Castlecrag Private Hospitals and was invited to be part of the commissioning team for a global project.”

“I find great joy in contributing to the creation of an outstanding service that offers quality food and environmental services to all patients and doctors at North Shore Private Hospital,” said Hilary.