Jack Morris, NSW


Jun 06, 2023


Eighteen-year-old trainee, Jack Morris, is planning to use the skills and experience gained during his eight-week placement in Ramsay’s procurement team, to support his future university and employment opportunities.

Jack is currently completing an Infrastructure Traineeship offered by the NSW Government for Year 12 students interested in developing their professional skills.

“My first impressions of Ramsay Health Care have made me excited and enthusiastic about this placement,” said Jack.

“Everyone has been very welcoming and kind, and this placement has been extremely well-structured.”

Within the Infrastructure Traineeship, Jack is specialising in a certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting.

“I chose this program as I thought procurement and contracting would be an interesting area to study and expand my knowledge on,” said Jack.

“I aspired to develop a new skill in relation to business and decision-making and procurement consists of a lot of business and decision-making concepts.

“The procurement team has helped me understand and learn about the overall procurement process and the various strategies utilised.”

While Jack is not yet sure where his career will take him, he is making the most of the opportunity to build his knowledge and connections for the future.

“My current ambitions are to put the best effort I can into the work provided by the private sectors and government agencies I am placed with and see where those experiences and relationships take me.”

“I have enjoyed working at Ramsay the most for helping me to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of health care.”