Joanna Mouratidis, NSW


Mar 21, 2023


Following the completion of her Bachelor of Commerce in 2021, Joanna Mouratidis is getting a taste of what it’s like to work across all areas of Ramsay’s business, thanks to the Global Graduate Programme.

Joanna’s first eight-month rotation has been in the Australian Head office working in the National Supply Team to develop a dashboard for supply managers.

“This started out with investigating Ramsay’s need for improvement in our supply chain management to make the process more efficient and consistent,” said Joanna.

“Then, talking with some of the supply managers from our hospitals to gather requirements, I’ve built a dashboard that shows all the key information they look for in the data on a day-to-day basis.

“I’m now working with IT to have this dashboard rolled out nationally.”

In May, Joanna will commence on her next rotation - an international placement in Malaysia, working in the Kuala Lumpur office in a digital and IT role.

“I really like how Ramsay’s corporate graduate program is structured in rotations, so we get a chance to work in different areas of the business and get exposure to more people and roles, said Joanna.

“This is really important to me in this early stage of my career as it is helping me to discover where my strengths lie and what direction I want to continue my career in”.

Her final stint will be an operational rotation back in Australia, where she will be working at a hospital.

“When I found that Ramsay offered this corporate graduate program, I was drawn to it as a way for me to enter this industry with my current qualifications and skills,” said Joanna.

“It is important to me to feel like I am making a positive difference to others with my work, and that I am a part of a company that aligns with my own values and makes me feel proud to work there.

“I’ve been loving working at Ramsay so far and am very excited for my next rotations and beyond the graduate program”.

Joanna commenced the Ramsay Global Graduate Programme in September 2022. For more information about this program, click here.