Lorrie Mohsen, NSW


May 30, 2023


On her first date with her now husband, Lorrie Mohsen, a registered Occupational Therapist spotted a street sign for Mt Wilga Private Hospital and exclaimed, “Mt Wilga is a famous rehab hospital – it has an amazing reputation! I want to get a job there!” Two months later she was working at the hospital as Executive Manager – Rehabilitation Day Programs and sixteen years later she is CEO of both Mt Wilga and Berkeley Vale Private Hospitals.

From Executive Manager – Rehabilitation Day Programs, Lorrie took a position as Health, Safety & Environment Manager, then Allied Health Manager at Northshore, Hunters Hill and Castlecrag Private Hospitals in 2014. Later that year, she became Hospital Manager at Hunters Hill and in 2016 she was appointed CEO of Mt Wilga, then Berkeley Vale Private in 2019.

Lorrie attributes her career success to date in part to the support and development opportunities provided by Ramsay.

“Ramsay provides support and career paths with so many opportunities across its facilities for growth.”

“Whilst having my children I undertook my Masters of Management at Macquarie Graduate School and Ramsay supported me to maintain my executive level position and allowed me to participate in the Future Leaders program despite working part-time,” said Lorrie.

“I have been really fortunate that I have been afforded opportunities despite my clinical background being in Allied Health, and I couldn’t follow traditional pathways of succession. I have had great exposure to areas of the business outside of my clinical experience and it’s been great.”

Lorrie says her job is all about helping people to reach their potential.

“My job is caring for the people that care for the people! I have teams of miracle workers at my hospital, and I get to ensure they get to work at their potential.”

“I always wanted to make things better for our staff, make a difference for our patients, and I found that in management roles I have the autonomy to do this.”

Lorrie is currently focused on diversifying the services offered at Mt Wilga to ensure the future success of the business.

“We have been the first organisation at Ramsay to be registered with the NDIS to offer therapeutic supports and just recently started offering disability short term and medium-term accommodation,” said Lorrie.