Maya, NSW


Dec 13, 2022


Mt Wilga Physiotherapist Maya Khanna might just have the magic touch when it comes to finding success with Ramsay’s National Scholarship program.

“I've applied a couple of times now so I'm fairly familiar with the scholarship program. I think the main thing is choose something that interests you, but also is going to be helpful to the organisation that you're working for,” Maya said.

“In my case, working in rehab, there's a wealth of different areas that you can go into. I think if you can show that there's a relevance to your work, as well as improving your own clinical knowledge, bringing that back to the team, then definitely there's no reason not to have a go and apply.”

Maya received a $1000 individual CPD scholarship for a mentorship through the physiotherapy clinic in Sydney.

“It’s related to some studies that I've been doing recently in women's health and improving my skills in terms of my more complex patients. This mentorship is going to give me the opportunity to work with an experienced women's health physio to give me some support in my clinical practice.”

Maya says the scholarship process is very simple, particularly once you’ve managed your first.

“Just go for it is my honest advice. Once you've got all your paperwork lined up it really only takes a few minutes and it's definitely worth applying. Each scholarship that I've been awarded has given me the opportunity to explore a new area of practice or extend another area of practice,” she said.

“I've always felt very supported by my manager, it definitely makes you feel valued and, and makes you want to continue to do more professional development, knowing you can get some financial support behind it as well.”

To watch a video of Maya discussing her scholarship in more detail, click here.


Maya has taken advantage of Ramsay’s National Scholarship Program more than once to advance her professional skills and to benefit her team.