Queennie Wong, NSW


Aug 15, 2023


Thanks to a thirty-minute commitment to her professional development each week, Senior Clinical Coder, Queennie Wong, has completed 29 LinkedIn Learning courses since it was introduced for Ramsay team members in February this year.

“Embracing continuous learning is essential to keep pace with the rapidly changing world, and LinkedIn Learning provides an excellent platform to facilitate that journey,” said Queennie.

“To make the most of this opportunity, I set a weekly goal of dedicating 30 minutes to self-learning (sometimes exceeding that time). I approached the experience with persistence, consistency, and self-discipline.”

Over the past six months, Queennie has learned about topics such as ‘Mastering the skill of confidence’, ‘Critical thinking and problem-solving’ and ‘Giving and receiving feedback’.

Queennie commenced working at North Shore Private Hospital as a Clinical Coder in the Coding Team after obtaining her Bachelor of Health Information Management.

“Clinical Coding is the process of translating the language of medicine from an episode of admitted patient care into alphanumeric Codes, specifically using ICD-10-AM codes.”

“In my role, I am responsible for reading and abstracting clinical information to assign codes for both diagnoses and procedures. These codes are used to generate the patient's diagnosis related group in the Meditech system for their stay at the hospital.

“The accuracy and consistency of coded clinical data are crucial for effective hospital management and securing funding.”

Queennie was recently promoted, in recognition of her many years of experience.

“In my more senior role, I am involved in providing guidance and support to trainee coders and to work with them to identify and resolve coding issues. Giving constructive feedback to boost their confidence to learn and grow.”

“I love my job and enjoy doing coding day in, day out. I didn’t realise I have been with Ramsay for 20 years - time flies!”

Ramsay Health Care offers a free subscription to LinkedIn Learning to every permanent employee as part of its employee benefits program.