Sue Obermaier, NSW


Feb 28, 2023


Sue Obermaier admits that even after 20-plus years at Westmead Private Hospital working in various roles, her professional life took a turn for the better after being selected in the inaugural intake of the Nurse Leaders of Tomorrow Program.

“I was encouraged by my executive team to apply and I saw it as such an amazing opportunity to grow the leadership skills that I already had, meet some like-minded people, and network across the whole of Australia,” Sue said.

“I had to speak to CEOs, do forums with DCSs across new South Wales, I had to put myself out there and just step up and do lots of really amazing things to learn new skills.

“Unless you put yourself out there and actually have a go, you really never know what you're capable of doing. I think that was the big learning for me, it was such a great opportunity.”

While completing the program, Sue embraced new opportunities to work on State projects.

“I was given the opportunity to work as the New South Wales lead coordinator for the Private Pathways Program, and we managed to attract 81 people into a New South Wales hospital.

“I feel really proud that I've been part of a journey for 81 people who now work in the organisation, becoming part of the Ramsay family.”

Sue urges budding nurse leaders to put their hand up for future intakes of the program.

“I think that the Nurse Leader of Tomorrow Program really was an amazing opportunity, and you should grab it with both hands. Take it, soak it all up! I can tell you; you will do nothing but learn, grow and be a better leader for doing Nurse Leaders of Tomorrow.

“I'm so proud to be part of a company that has a strategy and invests so much in their leaders and enables them to contribute back to the organisation.”

Sue completed the 12-month Nurse Leaders of Tomorrow program which helps support the personal leadership growth of Ramsay nursing and midwifery leaders.