Suzie Treacy, NSW


Jan 24, 2023


Suzie Treacy was in a Nurse Unit Manager and Operational Manager position when she saw internal advertising for Ramsay’s Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow Program.

“I thought it would be a great way to grow my leadership skills and network with other leaders within Ramsay,” Suzie recalled.

“A wonderful company called Impact guided us throughout the year, and we also drew from other Ramsay Executive and Ramsay Clinical Governance Unit members.

“They created a really fun program for us and I said it many times, I don't know how there wasn't any sort of psychology involved in it, because we ended up with a group of fantastic emerging leaders.

“We all got on so well and we still continue to talk to this day, even though the program has ended.”

During the program Suzie was promoted to Director of Clinical Services, perfect timing which aided her transition into the new role.

“So many of the subjects that we were going through were really relevant to my learning curve as a new DCS,” she said.

“The program just opens your eyes up to different ways of thinking, increases your knowledge base, and definitely allows you to network with other Ramsay leaders building invaluable relationships as part of a wonderful year.”

To watch a video of Suzie discussing the program in more detail, click here.


Suzie completed the 12-month Nurse Leaders of Tomorrow program which helps support the personal leadership growth of Ramsay nursing and midwifery leaders.