Tori Lynne, NSW


Apr 11, 2023


Having tried her hand at many vocations, from door knocking to water cooler technician, Tori Lynne says that joining Ramsay’s Graduate Pathway Program has been the first time she has felt stable and secure in a supportive team and career role.

“I was lucky enough to gain a position as an Assistant in Nursing (AIN) at Westmead Private in November 2021 while I continued to study my Diploma, and once I graduated, I started the Graduate Pathway Program in August 2022.

Like many of Ramsay’s graduates, Tori heard about the Program from the educators during a student placement.

“I did a few of my student placements at two different Ramsay facilities, including Westmead Private. My educators at Westmead and TAFE told me about the opportunity and encouraged me to apply - the rest is history”.

“Every single staff member I met during this time was supportive and welcoming. Even more importantly, every manager I met along the way was nothing but attentive, kind and willing to help you in a way I wasn’t used to. It was an easy decision.”

Tori says that a key element of her role is the patient experience.

“Clinically, my job is to ensure the post op patients receive appropriate care for all kinds of different surgeries and to hopefully provide an experience that makes them feel they are cared for and not just another patient in the system,” said Tori.

“They say that laughter is the best medicine and I really cherish the opportunities throughout my day where I can have a joke with my patients and other staff members to help me to enjoy the role,” said Tori.

Tori was in the August 2022 intake of the Ramsay Health Care Graduate Pathways Program. For more information about this program, click here.