Emma, QLD


Nov 15, 2022


Emma Dagan credits the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow Program as well as the National Scholarship Program for her recent appointment as Director of Clinical Services at Nambour Selangor Private Hospital.

Emma was first employed at Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital as a Nurse Unit Manager and after two years, was appointed to the Assistant Director of Clinical Services.

“I was encouraged to apply for the first cohort of the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow course last year,” said Emma.

“At that stage my DCSs, both current and present, thought that it would be a good way for me to grow into the leadership skills that I needed to develop and also take that next step in my career progression.”

One of the things Emma most appreciated about the program was the opportunity to build relationships with the other NUMs, ADCSs and DCSs across the business.

“The networking that we got out of the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow Program was just amazing,” said Emma.

“We all shared common goals, experiences and issues that we've been facing. It was so beneficial to hear how our colleagues we're dealing with those issues, how they are supporting their team members and how we could learn from each other.”

Emma has also taken advantage of Ramsay’s National Scholarship Program to complete her Master of Leadership from the University of Tasmania.

“Upon reflection, seeing the wonderful opportunities that I've been given within Ramsay, it was a chance for me to also be able to provide those opportunities to team members that I work with.”

“Probably one of the main reasons that I really enjoy working with Ramsay is the commitment to developing staff and ensuring that we have a very safe, positive, nurturing environment for them to work in.”

To watch a video of Emma’s story, click here.


Emma was part of the first intake of the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow Program in 2021.