Graeme Walker, QLD


Mar 28, 2023


Allied Health Manager, Graeme Walker’s goal is to create the happiest Allied Health team in Brisbane.

“Happy staff create the best work culture, and this leads to the best patient outcomes. If I look after the staff, the staff will look after the patients. I want to run a department where people and their careers thrive.”

To help him succeed in this goal, Graeme is attending each session of Ramsay’s Leadership Masterclass Series to learn from the company’s most senior leaders.

“I have appreciated receiving their wisdom from many years in health care and business,” said Graeme.

“The sessions have been so helpful to collaborate and share ideas with colleagues from other teams and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for different parts of the business.”

When asked about his favourite topic so far, Graeme reflects on his younger professional experiences.

“The ‘thank you principle’ by Andrew Smith was my favourite session. Thanking people in a timely and appropriate manner can have a transformative effect,” he said.

“In my career, I have always valued when my manager has taken time to thank me, and I hope I can now do this for others.”

Graeme joined Ramsay as physiotherapist and team leader seven years ago, and now leads a team of thirty.

“I am responsible for delivering the Allied Health services to the inpatients, rehabilitation patients and outpatients and leading a team of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, psychology, dietetics, speech pathology and administration.”

“‘People caring for people’ isn’t just a throwaway corporate tag line. I truly believe that Ramsay Health Care embodies this philosophy.

“Having met many of the senior leaders through the Leadership Masterclass series I can see they also believe in this philosophy. I became a healthcare professional to help people. It is wonderful to work for an organisation that has the same desire,” said Graeme.

Ramsay’s Leadership Masterclass Series is for all leaders excluding NUMs/MUMs.