Quinn Lambert, QLD


May 16, 2023


A $3000 Ramsay Continuing Professional Development Team Scholarship contributed to Quinn Lambert achieving her advanced competency in Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow (FEES) in January 2023. Along with her colleague Katie Braun van Burck, she was the initial driving force behind the development of The Southport Private Hospital’s FEES clinic.

“With the scholarship funds we were able to contract out a FEES trainer who provided us with the intensive training required to obtain our advanced competency in FEES, including independently passing the nasoendoscope as well as the ability to analyse and report on our exam findings,” said Quinn.

“Patients now have better access to gold-standard instrumental assessments that can aid in early diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia, as well as reduce instances of aspiration pneumonia and reduce overall length of hospital stay.”

Quinn joined Ramsay in 2020, as a casual speech pathologist at Pindara Private Hospital before moving to The Southport Private Hospital after receiving an offer for a permanent position in 2021.

“I am very interested in the neurological aspect of Speech Pathology, including acquired brain injury and progressive neurological diseases and the impact of these on an individual’s speech, language and swallowing function,” said Quinn.

“It brings me such satisfaction to develop a treatment plan and witness first-hand improvements in a patient’s speech and language function as a result of their therapy.

Quinn says she was drawn to Ramsay due to the opportunities for ongoing professional development and growth.

“I was incredibly excited about the opportunity to develop and roll-out a FEES service, as this has been a long-standing ambition of mine.”

“I look forward to pursuing more professional development opportunities and ways to grow and develop as a speech-language pathologist.”

Quinn has taken advantage of Ramsay’s National Scholarship Program to advance her professional skills and to benefit her team.