May 02, 2023


After working clinically as a physiotherapist for a number of years, Ryan Park became interested in moving into a leadership role when he realised that by improving the quality and efficiency of his service or team, he could improve the lives of more than just the patient in front of him.

Ryan was initially drawn to healthcare through a fascination with how the body worked and his ability to help people maximise their own health and function.

“Increasingly, I enjoyed the people side of role and became quite passionate about service innovation and team development. I absolutely love challenging, coaching and giving feedback, and draw great satisfaction from watching team members thrive and grow by taking on new and exciting challenges,” said Ryan.

Having worked in the role of Acting Allied Health and Rehabilitation Program Manager for six months now, Ryan is embracing Ramsay’s Leadership Masterclass Series to build his leadership skills and resources.

“I have found the Leadership Masterclass Series to be a fantastic experience. They are highly relevant, informative, interactive, and delivered by Ramsay’s top leaders,” said Ryan.

“The sessions are equipping me with the tools and strategies I need to navigate some of the everyday challenges of my role. Whether it is implementing a change, challenging an entrenched process, or having a difficult conversation, these sessions are practical and actionable.

“I would strongly recommend scheduling the time to take advantage of these sessions and tap into the experience and wisdom of our senior leaders. The value you will get will be amplified as your new knowledge and skills influence your daily interactions with your team and within the organisation.”

Ryan finds being an Allied Health Manager to be the perfect blend of leadership, service innovation, and strategy.

“I strive to create an environment where our team is engaged and feels supported to share ideas, challenge each other and grow. I’m also focused on developing and implementing new service streams which address the unmet needs of our patients and the local community and are a strategic fit with our hospital,” he said.