Caterina Agostino, RHC


Sep 12, 2023


Cat Agostino's journey into the world of healthcare communication was sparked by her 2019 Honours thesis, which delved into the portrayal of breast cancer in the media.

This research ignited her passion for healthcare and ultimately paved the way for her to secure a communications position with the Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation.

“I’ve always had an interest in research – seeing a job that combined communications and research ticked all the right boxes. So I applied and here we are!” said Cat.

“I like how varied things are daily, no two days ever look the same and there is always something new being discovered or happening. It’s never boring.”

In her role with the Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation, Cat is tasked with sharing the many incredible achievements of the Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation.

“I am responsible for making sure everyone knows what we are achieving at the RHRF and the amazing research projects we have funded, and also sharing all the fantastic outcomes of research within Ramsay.”

“Words have power and I really enjoying crafting and shaping content that could teach the reader something they didn’t know previously.”

Cat is passionate about communications and wants to share her knowledge with others. She has dabbled in communications in a variety of settings, including teaching first-year students in the Bachelor of Communication and Media degree.

“I loved guiding my students towards success, so I think once I’ve been working in comms for a while, I would love to be able to teach comms in schools or universities. It’s rewarding to have tangible outputs that others can see.”