Cherrie Christian Santos, Ramsay Health Care


Mar 07, 2023


Within her first year working for Ramsay, Cherrie Christian Santos is already establishing herself as a highly valuable contributor to Ramsay, working on data transformation as part of the organisation’s Digital and Data Evolution.

“I’m passionate about how data can provide insights that add value to the people I work with and to the organisation,” said Cherrie.

Master Patient Index (MPI) aims to build a central data repository for Meditech that can be accessed by different teams in the organisation.

“Currently, we have data warehouses across different teams. My role, along with my teammates, is to bring the data into one single repository that can be curated across departments.”

“It will produce a golden record of the patients at Ramsay to improve the consistency, management, and availability of data enterprise-wide with enforced security.”

Cherrie says it’s a great time to be working in the healthcare industry, especially for Ramsay Health Care.

“The healthcare industry is abundant with data and utilising it to improve our understanding of our patients and how we can serve them better is so valuable," said Cherrie.

"With the many initiatives happening now in Digital, Technology & Data, I think we are heading towards a revolution in terms of data insights in Ramsay - with plenty of new technologies and strategies to explore.

"On top of that, I enjoy working with my team who are not just talented, but are very supportive of one another”.

Ramsay is undergoing a digital and data evolution to become a leading health care provider of the future.