Hugh Sinclair, RHC


Jun 13, 2023


In his first year working at Ramsay as Director of Finance for Out of Hospitals, Hugh Sinclair is attending the Leadership Masterclass Series to help him to learn about the business and build his network.

“Being relatively new to the organisation, it has been a really good way to meet people and get to know them as well as take part in some insightful training.”

“My favourite aspects of the sessions have been meeting and collaborating with other team members across the Australian business, both clinical and non-clinical, learning from market-leading executives and getting up close with how they approach development and problem solving.

“It is great to have resources available across a wide range of topics that cover my own career development and support me in being a better leader for my team. I have certainly been able to apply learnings from the sessions in my day to day, whether it be formalising my career plan or implementing the ‘Thank You Principle’.”

Throughout his career in finance, Hugh says his key focus has always been on the people and the outcomes.

“I am always drawn to roles that allow me to support increased choice and better outcomes for customers,” Hugh said.

“With the increasing complexity of healthcare and how it is delivered, the opportunity to work with a global leader in the industry and be a part of such a highly credentialed leadership team in developing and delivering new models of care and commercial models was something that I gravitated towards,” said Hugh.

“The opportunity to be a part of a business in its relative infancy and to grow with it is one that I am really grateful for.

“I have wanted to work at Ramsay for a long time. I am so impressed by how people in Ramsay live the values of the organisation every day - it is not something that is only spoken about at strategy days. I feel really inspired to be supporting a business with real purpose.”

Ramsay’s Leadership Masterclass Series is for all leaders excluding NUMs/MUMs.