Kimberley Knight, RHC


Dec 05, 2023


If you’ve ever seen a Ramsay Facebook, Instagram or TikTok post, it would have been carefully crafted by Kimberley Knight, Ramsay’s Social Media Manager, who works closely with the national communications and marketing team to enhance Ramsay’s brand visibility and engagement.

Kimberley joined Ramsay four years ago on a recommendation from a friend who had been working there for over 10 years.

“Seeing someone stay dedicated for such a long time intrigued me, especially in a time when people frequently change jobs quickly. Ramsay's history of making a significant impact in the industry also made me excited to join the business,” said Kimberley.

In her role as Social Media Manager, Kimberley manages over 100 different social media accounts on behalf of Ramsay.

“I’m responsible for developing and delivering social media strategy, creating content for and managing all social media channels across Australia and growing our communities on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Tiktok. I also advise senior leaders to help them to make the most of their online presence.”

Kimberley had a diverse career in marketing, prior to finding her niche in social media.

“I began my journey specialising in inbound marketing, then driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, I transitioned into agency ownership, founding my own marketing agency. In this role, I led a team of talented professionals, overseeing comprehensive marketing campaigns for a range of clients across various industries.”

“Recognising the growing influence of social media in the digital landscape, I then took on the role of a social media manager, before making the decision to join Ramsay as their first ever Social Media Officer.”

“I love having the ability to shape Ramsay’s online presence and witness the tangible impact of strategic social media efforts. It's a role that combines creativity with analytics which I find incredibly fulfilling.”

In her time at Ramsay, Kimberley has taken the opportunity to grow her personal and professional skills.

“I have successfully completed Mental Health First Aid training, as I am committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace. In addition, I have undertaken a series of LinkedIn Learning courses, acquiring a diverse set of skills and staying abreast of industry trends.”