Larissa O'Connell, RHC


Oct 03, 2023


Ramsay’s Growth Manager – Out of Hospital Marketing, Larissa O’Connell, is on a mission to build our continuum of care so we can achieve great patient outcomes.

Larissa joined Ramsay two years ago, commencing as the Pharmacy Marketing Manager and taking on a new role as Growth Manager in August.

“I’ve been in marketing 10+ years across the retail, media, finance and tourism industries and loved it. I’d heard such good things about working for Ramsay in the marketing team, and it was my passion for pharmacy marketing that ultimately made me make the move.”

“I love brands and the impact they have on people. From brand strategy and customer profiling, to rolling out brand campaigns, a brand can have such an influence in a consumer’s life and I love being a part of that,” said Larissa.

In her new role Larissa manages the marketing across Ramsay Pharmacy, Ramsay Psychology, Ramsay Health Plus, Ramsay Connect and Ramsay Surgical Centres.

“It’s a super exciting opportunity to work across the full Out of Hospital space both on the individual brands and looking at ways we can cross promote to each other’s audiences and keep building that continuum of care for our customers.”

“I love our various teams across Ramsay and you can see people are genuinely passionate about what they’re doing,” said Larissa.

“I also really enjoy that the brands I work with are so open to evolving, it’s a really exciting time to be with the business.”

Long term, Larissa’s goal is to grow her own skills and opportunities through her new role.

“I’ve really loved that I’ve been able to attend outside events on behalf of Ramsay to keep up to date with the latest trends in marketing and hear amazing industry speakers from all over the country.”

“My plan is to keep building my team to provide amazing marketing to the business and ensuring that the customer or patient is always at the centre of what we’re doing.”