Ann-Marie Daddy, VIC


Sep 05, 2023


A 16-year career as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator has led Ann-Marie Daddy to commence an exciting new role as Peninsula Private Hospital’s first ever Nurse Practitioner in Diabetes.

Ann-Marie has recently completed her Masters in Advanced Nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner and is now fully endorsed.

“When I was working on the wards as a Registered Nurse, I found diabetes an interesting chronic disease and challenging to manage. This led me to further studies and I thoroughly enjoyed empowering patients to have the knowledge, understanding and support to gain good glycemic control, lead happy fulfilling lives and hopefully avoid many of the associated complications,” said Ann-Marie.

In her new role, Ann-Marie will work as the most senior clinical nurse, using her education, experience and her own research and tools to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.

“A Nurse Practitioner develops an individual scope of practice that reflects their individual expertise and competence. I am able to assess, diagnose, order, and interpret diagnostic investigations. I can develop treatment plans, prescribe medications and refer to other specialists where appropriate.”

“As part of my studies, I published in the Australian Diabetes Educator Association journal an article on steroid induced hyperglycaemia and treatment options. This is a long-term project of mine, that will hopefully lead to concise guidelines for steroid use to prevent the complications associated with steroid induced hyperglycaemia.”

“I recently developed a blood glucose and ketone track and trigger chart which assists in gaining a better grasp on patient’s blood glucose control during their hospital admission and assists nursing staff to implement appropriate treatment steps.

“I have also started working closely with the chemotherapy day infusion unit and oncology ward, to improve blood glucose management during treatments that involve steroids.”

When asked why she chooses to work for Ramsay, Ann-Marie’s dedication to patient care shines through; “I believe in what Ramsay Health Care is striving to achieve, in terms of excellence in health care and being the leaders in nursing leadership, technology, research and advances in medicine.”