Emma Forrest, VIC


Feb 21, 2023


A childhood fascination with pregnancy and babies sparked by the “Pregnant Barbie” doll, set Emma Forrest on the road to midwifery.

After finishing high school, Emma pursued a career in beauty and dermal therapy while travelling the world but felt there was something missing.

“When a friend of mine began studying Midwifery I instantly knew I wanted to follow suit,” she said.

“ACU doesn’t do a mid-year intake for midwifery, so I applied for another course and worked my hardest to get a high enough GPA to enable me to transfer as quickly as possible.”

On an early placement at Mitcham Private Hospital, Emma fell under The Ramsay Way spell.

“I built such great relationships with the staff and doctors that every placement following just didn’t feel right – I always longed to go back to Mitcham where I felt at home,” she said.

“The staff strongly urged me to apply for a graduate position, so I did. When the call came saying that I was successful, I was on placement again at Mitcham.

“I was given my first Ramsay work shirt and despite not starting for another five months, I wore it home that very day with so much pride.”

Emma says despite the physical and emotional demands a career in midwifery undoubtedly have, it has been well worth the hard work and dedication.

She has even kept that original Barbie as a reminder that no matter what road you take, you will get to your perfect destination!

Emma was in the February 2022 intake of the Ramsay Health Care Graduate and Intern Fellowship Program. For more information about this program, click here.