Juliet James, VIC


Nov 08, 2022


Over her 20 years at Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital, Juliet James has taken advantage of Ramsay’s development opportunities to evolve from Graduate Physiotherapist to Physiotherapy, Day Rehabilitation and Ramsay Health Plus Manager.

In her current role, Juliet is responsible for leading a team of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Allied Health Assistants who help care for 250 patients each day.

“Our team are always looking at how we can improve our patient experience. We talk about continuing to look for new ways to do things, with the goal to provide the best possible care with each patient interaction.”

Juliet started attending the Leadership Masterclass Series when it commenced in June to learn more about herself as a leader.

“Understanding how I show up for my team and how I can improve as a leader by looking at my role through several lenses has given some focus to my personal leadership activities,” said Juliet.

“Listening to how the three leaders (who have facilitated the sessions) have articulated their journey in leadership has been an interesting insight. Drawing on experiences both within and outside of Ramsay and also within their personal journeys has been valuable.”

Juliet said her favourite of the topics so far has been ‘The Thank You Principle’, hosted by Andrew Smith, Chief Operating Officer - Out of Hospitals.

“I think the simplicity of the concept and yet the far-reaching benefits of utilising the principle speaks to me.”

Juliet encourages all leaders to make time to attend each of the Masterclasses or access the content afterwards.

“If thinking about what is urgent and what is important - these sessions definitely fit in the important bucket and should not be missed,” she said.

“Being involved in opportunities such as the Masterclass Series allows you to see how other teams demonstrate the Ramsay Way and offers ideas that you can bring back to your team. Definitely worth the two hours out of your day!”

Ramsay’s Leadership Masterclass Series is for all leaders excluding NUMs/MUMs who have a similar program available to them.