Karen Camillo, VIC


Oct 18, 2022


Joining Ramsay Health Care smack bang in the middle of the first wave of COVID-19 wasn’t without its challenges for Warringal Private Nurse Unit Manager Karen Camillo.

“I think one of the challenges over the last two years for everybody has been that we haven't had those opportunities to network, and majority of it's been over Zoom or things like that. You don't develop the same rapport,” she said.

Soon after joining, Karen was delighted to be able to make some online connections as part of the NUM/MUM Leadership Development Program.

“The program's going to run for approximately two years, and hopefully we all get an opportunity to meet with all the Nurse Managers across the state.”

Karen said the content of many of the sessions had already been useful in her day-to-day work in the oncology and medical ward.

“We participated in presentations about different things that we might come across in our Nurse Manager role, things like open disclosure and feedback, giving feedback to staff and having difficult conversations, not only with staff, but with patients as well,” she said.

“And we were able to actually break off into groups and talk with other Nurse Managers and share our experience. And it was just a really positive day because we were given the time to actually step out of our clinical roles and build our skills for when we're doing the other things that don't require the clinical side.”

“I guess the other thing for me is that I feel like this is Ramsay showing us that there's pathways for Nurse Managers in the company, and I really value that because I love being a nurse and I love being a leader. And it's nice to know there's pathways for me to keep going in Ramsay if that's what I choose to do.”

To watch a video of Karen discussing the program in more detail, click here.


Karen is participating in the NUM/MUM Leadership Program which aims to ensuring we’re bringing The Ramsay Way to life in our leadership, so that everyone can bring their best to work, every day.