Kelli Lincoln, VIC


Feb 14, 2023


When Pharmacist Kelli Lincoln suddenly developed a severe allergy to fragrances, Ramsay created a new role which could be performed out of the pharmacy and hospital environment to keep her safely doing what she loves.

Three years ago, life for Ramsay Pharmacist Kelli Lincoln took a challenging twist.

“I started becoming allergic to fragrances, and it was quite a dramatic reaction and it looked like anaphylaxis,” Kelli explains.

“It first happened when fragrances were put through a hospital for accreditation, and I collapsed at work. It happened again a second time and then we're like, "Oh, okay. We got rid of the fragrance. We're okay." And then I moved to a bigger site and it actually happened again from a staff member's perfume, and it was quite a severe reaction.”

Kelli’s managers rallied during this confronting time, finding her a new place within the pharmacy practice team.

“That was a team that works basically from home or from head office, so I worked from home. It was just fantastic that they really created this role for me,” she said.

Eventually, Kelli’s allergy became better understood, diagnosed as Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD).

“So, it's still an issue but it's not life and death. I worked in Ballarat for a year, which was amazing and now I'm actually doing clinical trials in Glen Huntly, which is brilliant because that's half an hour from home.

“I do that a couple of days a week and then I work from home three days a week, and it's just awesome. Ramsay's just been absolutely amazing, and I felt very much looked after, very much valued.

“It was a horrible time, as you can imagine. But all of the managers, they couldn't have been better. They were absolutely fantastic looking after me.”

To watch a video of Kelli discussing how flexible work arrangements have benefited her career at Ramsay, click here


Ramsay Health Care offers flexible work arrangements to support employees to find a healthy balance between work and home life.