Melanie Hurley, VIC


Sep 26, 2023


Melanie Hurley, Research Unit Manager of the Ramsay Clinic Albert Road Research Unit describes herself as a naturally inquisitive person who never grew out of the ‘why’ phase.

“I love to problem solve so research really supports my inquisitive nature,” said Melanie.

Over the past 24 years, Melanie has managed research and clinical trials with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, clinical research organisations, hospitals, and universities as well supporting research through her involvement in various ethics committees.

Melanie joined Ramsay in the midst of the second Melbourne COVID lockdown, three years ago. It wasn't until the Albert Road Christmas party in 2022, that she finally saw some of her colleagues' faces without masks!

As Research Unit Manager, Melanie oversees all research running at the Ramsay Clinic Albert Road Research Unit.

“I am responsible for the management and day-to-day running of research being conducted at Albert Road, including overseeing the successful implementation, execution and close-out,” said Melanie.

“Through the experiences I have had throughout my career I have come to understand that I have a passion for improving patient outcomes through research and my position at Ramsay has allowed me to do this.”

Long term, Melanie plans to continue to develop the Research Unit at Albert Road and support the growth of mental health research within Ramsay.

“This position allows me to experience many different aspects of research and patient care. It is such a privilege to have patients share their journeys with me and it is always exciting to witness the positive impact research participation can have on a patient’s journey.”

“I am fortunate to work with a really great team and the support and encouragement provided by the leadership team makes coming to work so easy.”