Rachel, VIC


Nov 22, 2022


Rachel Gale is the National Nursing & Midwifery Workforce Manager, who is working with the Rapid Delivery Team in the Digital, Technology & Data group to support the ‘Back to Bedside’ initiative.

“The main objective is to enable our people to do what they do best and stop them from doing tasks that take them away from patient care,” Rachel said.

“This not only benefits our staff members, but in the long run will also benefit our patients.”

One of the many initiatives the program is hoping to deliver is the development of an in-house translation app to enable easy communication between patients and employees.

“When a patient speaks a different language to their nurse, a lot of valuable time can be wasted while trying to contact interpretive services and family, said Rachel.

Another simple initiative is putting touch screen computers in every drug room.

“We’re looking to install a touch-screen computer which will house the digital copy of the Handbook along with all of the relevant government and local policies.”

The automation team is also working to link the data that is entered into medical systems Meditech and K2 and have it automatically feed through to a patient’s electronic discharge summary.

“All of these ideas are relatively simple, but they are important to help remove some of the barriers and get our employees spending more quality time with their patients.”

“As a Registered nurse myself, I love being able to impact at the bedside through this program. I understand the non-nursing duties and extra processes nurses do each shift to ensure their patients are well cared for, and we hope to assist them through these initiatives.”

Ramsay is undergoing a digital and data evolution to become a leading health care provider of the future.