Ryan Kessler, VIC


Jun 20, 2023


Team Leader and Senior Commercial Analyst Ryan Kessler first heard about Ramsay’s National Scholarship Program through the weekly CEO Update.

“I saw applications were open and had a look through the options available to someone like me, initially thinking all these scholarships would be mostly aimed at healthcare,” Ryan said.

But Ryan was pleasantly surprised to learn there was something for everyone, right across the Ramsay business.

“I wanted to further my skills in data analytics because we have so much information coming into Ramsay, and I was lucky enough to find a short course online that could help me in my job. Then, I applied for the scholarship and successfully got it which was fantastic,” he said.

“The course enabled me to learn a few coding languages, which means in my job I can now go into each system, understand where all the data is coming from, and help to make better sense of what it is telling everyone.

“I'm able to communicate that information with all the other teams within Ramsay. So, the skills I gained through the scholarship have actually benefited lots of parts of the business to understand huge amounts of data in a much simpler way.”

Ryan recommends anyone who thinking about sharpening their own skills to take that first step.

“See what's out there for you. Even if it's something small like it was for me, a small course can go a long way for not just yourself, but everyone else in the team.”

Ryan was awarded a Continuing Professional Development Scholarship.